Dr. Zakir Naik and his way of action


Zakir Naik has no in-depth knowledge  about Islam. He can do nothing when an jurisprudent question any issue arising over any action in the light of Islam. But he wins at the platform of fame as an Islamic preacher. Why ?
Zakir Naik  has great memory power and Statistical Knowledge on challenges of Islam the problems and analysis and solution of the problems. It is very tiresome job for those who have no interest in integrating these two things. We cannot achieve it simply sitting on a corner jotting or chatting.


Scope and demand of mission of activities of Dr. Zakir Naik is purely not jurisprudential or theological.   He concentrate on the apparent beauty of Islam. All the challenges of Muslims are not pure Jurisprudential. Moreover , many of them are pertaining the outer beauty of Islam or some apparent philosophical values of Islam. These are to be substantiated through some practical wisdom and examples from the observable surroundings.  Dr. Naik is good at this technique.


Presentation of Academic Papers and Publishing Books on deep subjects of Islam like Islamic Jurisprudence, theology , spirituality , all are not expected from him and his allies  because these are influential to  serious readers and thinkers on Islam at university level. There are lot of classical books still to be discussed in academic chambers of many universities. We have to concentrate on that also. But these things are not directly influencing general Public. Without deep knowledge in Islam Zakir Naik can invite thousands of people to the fold of Islam. He can answer many perplexing questions posed by many Non Muslims with convincing and satisfactory answers. We can say he is not a role model to we people having deep knowledgeable scholars . But there is only one way to get the influence of general public that is to give quick answers for with practical wisdom in fluent global language for all the apparent challenges of Islam and Muslims.


Ahmad Deedath, Zakir Naik and the like are the children of their situations. They are not big scholars but they are zealous to answering questions of Non Muslims. They have worked hard in this regard.

It is obvious he will utter bitter nonsensical statement regarding the jurisprudence and theology of Islam, because it is highly philosophical and connected with in-depth knowledge with the support of rational thoughts and holy chains from prophet to contemporary scholars.

Zakir Naik grew up in the midst of Deobandi Bareli debates. He may be unable to see the things in deep knowledge part from the scolding words we are usually using in a debating situation. It may lead him to think against Madhabi thoughts. On other hand he has been supported with petrodollar of Saudi Government so that he has to be committed towards Salafism  also.



Ahlussunnah and Non Ahlussunnah. Hanafi, Shafi,  and all are the come under Maslak. As you know at times , the debates between these factions are going on unhealthy ways. Scolding each others , calling names each other and all. These types of Dawa has negative effect in the spread of Islam. So it is very easy to label the debaters as deviants from real path of Islam. In this new gen era Daees  have to keep some touch professional and academic values in choosing the methods of dawa other ways all our endeavors will be in futile.


Zakir Naik and the like exploit these situations at maximum level where as the real Daees are very slow in coming to the forefront with sophisticated means of da’awa..

Zakir Naik is not recommendable . You are not supposed to be part of the ways of Zakir Naik or accept or support his ways. But we have to mold substitution squeezing his best and avoiding the bad. Simply claiming the superiority has no sense at all.